coxlanyardBefore I begin to recap my first week working as a Digital Intern for Cox Media Group, I want to explain my journey to this point. In May, I was finishing my semester in the New Media Capstone course where a team of three others and I created a mobile application and presented to students and industry professionals at the annual New Media Slam in. In addition, we took part in “mock” interviews with these professionals. Fortunately, I interviewed with the Director of Digital Sales at Cox Media Group. We instantly hit it off and he emailed me a week later asking me to visit the office in Athens.


After a tour and long discussion of what the company is looking for, he told me about a full-time position he wanted to fill. I would soon leave to study abroad and was not ready to consider full-time jobs! When I returned, we connected again, and I asked him if he had any available internships. From there, I interviewed and got the job. The main point of my lengthy story is that networking works.


Another piece of advice I want to share is that when you decide to work for a big corporation like Cox, make sure you know exactly what the company requires of you. Cox’s company policy states that interns must get paid and must get course credit. Consequently, I am completing an independent study with Dr. Jones in conjunction with my internship. I am really excited for the projects she has assigned me, which I will talk about later.



My first week at Cox was more fun than I imagined. After I completed all of the tedious paperwork, I dove right in.


In my independent study, Dr. Jones has asked to me come up with a product and brand it by creating logos and packaging which requires me to first learn to use Adobe Illustrator. Because of my love for dip, I have chosen a homemade organic salsa produced here in Athens. I have come up with a name and am working on the logo. My boss helped me brainstorm and decide a few of the characteristics of the product such as the main competition, target audience and tone.


On Friday, I visited and toured Cox’s country radio station, 106.1 WNGC. I was really interested to see the DJs doing their job. After getting my official badge and settling into my new cubicle, we worked on a direction for my salsa logo. My boss attended the Creative Circus a few years ago and has the most amazing artistic and creative design skills, so she has been a great help!


My favorite part of the day was helping one of the account executives formulate a strategy to boost his client’s social media presence and engagement. We came up with a great plan that involves partnering with a hospital and running a contest to generate likes and a bigger following not only for the client, but the hospital as well.


It has been really interesting and eye opening to see how a corporation really works. I am learning a lot and look forward to sharing it with you all!

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